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Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Tumi Luggage Alpha International Zippered Expandable Carry-on

 One Size

Product Description

This compact, expandable case is the smallest of Tumi's wheeled carry-on designs. It is ideal for shorter, overnight trips and travel within Europe and Asia. Made from Tumi's signature ballistic nylon, it features a removable garment sleeve and accessories pockets. The main compartment expands 2.5".

This compact, expandable, wheeled carry-on is ideal for short, overnight trips and travel within europe and other international locations. made of Tumi's signature ballistic nylon.

Is this a gift? This item ships in its own packaging. To keep the contents concealed, select This will be a  gift during checkout.
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Nylon lining
  • Zipper closure
  • Hand Wash
  • U-zip pocket, front zip pocket, add-a-bag hook
  • Telescoping handle, removable garment sleeve
  • 21.75 inch x 13.75 inch x 9.5 inch expands to 11.5 inch
  • Made in Thailand

Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

Shark Sweeper V1950 Floor and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Sweeper V1950 is a cordless floor and carpet vacuum cleaner. It is a nifty cleaning assistance. This Shark vacuum cleaner is one of the highest rated model. It comes from the Shark brand, a brand that needs little introduction. The price tag of this Shark V1950 makes it among the easily most affordable range of vacuum cleaners. Read on to find out if the Shark V1950 is worth your bucks and the pros and cons that come with it.

Shark Sweeper V1950 promises easier and less hassle cleaning experience

The first unique key feature of this vacuum model is the fact that it is cordless. One common complain among most vacuum cleaner users is the cord. The typical cord length of most vacuum cleaners is in the range of 20 to 30 feet. If you have done the cleaning job yourself, you would agree with me that such length is typically not enough. The other problem associate with cord is it tends to get obstructed and wrapped around things lying on the floor. This can be frustrating at times.

Since Shark Sweeper V1950 is cordless, you can forget about all these problems. You can forget about unwrapping cords being tangled around your sofa or table. Another great thing that many people love about cordless vacuum cleaner is that you do not need to find the source of power plug. This means that with this wire-less vacuum cleaner, you can virtually go to any corner of your house, even those difficult to reach areas that you would normally ignore when you use cord-based vacuum. This is the one thing that I love about cordless vacuum cleaners.
However, cordless comes with its own disadvantages. As it runs on a battery, this means that your Shark Sweeper V1950 vacuum cleaner needs to be charged on regular basis. This is the price that you pay for the mobility and convenience that you gain. Since it is operated on battery, you need to pay special care  on how often and how long you charge it. As we know, battery technology is nowhere near the level that we all would like to see, but it is good enough, albeit you need to charge it everytime after you're done using it. Do not leave the charging for too long which otherwise would spoil the battery. On the other hand, you cannot wait till the battery is dead before charging as it will cause leakage and other problems. Typically, expect a battery life of about 1-year and after that, you have to replace with a new battery. This is something that you might want to take into consideration when preparing your budget.

The Shark Sweeper V1950 vacuum cleaner is designed to be used as a floor-and-carpet cleaner with maximum comfort and usability. It has a ball and socket type of joint creating a swivel action motion. This means that the Shark sweeper V1950 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner is easy to use and would never cause any straining problems.  Most vacuum cleaners with this type of design are really stiff and rigid, making it hard to use. However the swivel-action built into the Shark sweeper V1950 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet cleaner allows for really fluid and smooth mobility.

Since the design of the Shark Sweeper V1950 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner incorporates a swivel action for fluid and smooth movement and a lightweight design, it will decrease the time spent cleaning. For example, assume that on average person cleans his or her home for a good hour or two. However, in most cases, we would spend about 15-30 minutes of that hour or two to navigate the vacuum around, plugging in and out the power cord, unwrapping the cords and etc. The design of this model eliminates all that hassle and inconvenience. The Shark sweeper V1950 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner does run on a battery, the run time of the Shark sweeper V1950 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner offers up to 50 minutes – about one hour – of pure cleaning time. This means all 50 minutes are spent cleaning. Furthermore, the 50 minutes of cleaning time is on one single charge of the product. Also, it is important to note that it will not take 50 minutes to clean a whole area. It may take more or less time depending on the size of the area and how much there is to clean. Simply put, this model of vacuum cleaner from Shark promises to reduce the time spent cleaning by maximizing it is productivity.

The last and probably the greatest feature of this popular Shark sweeper vacuum model is its quietness. If you think that vacuum cleaners are ear-deafening, you have not tried this one. If you have small children in the house or pets roaming around the house, vacuum time is probably the time of the day that they hate the most. Do not expect your vacuum cleaning experience to be noise-free even with this one, but it is at least much less unpleasant and bearable. It can be used any time day and night and it would not disrupt the people inside the home or where ever it is being used.

In summary, I've seen first hand how Shark Sweeper V1950 Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner works and it is truly a great product. It is going to make your job easier and cleaning does not have to be that much of a pain anymore. It can cut your cleaning time and increases your productivity. The best and most important thing that you are going to love about this product is its price affordability.

If you are sold on Shark Sweeper V1950, and thinking of making your way to the local store, make sure you check out its price in Amazon first as you might enjoy savings of up to 35% OFF its retail price.

A Little History on Shark Vacuum Cleaner

If you are wondering about the origin of the Shark® brand, it is part of Euro-Pro, a family-run company that started back over a century ago. Originally, the company was primarily dealing with sewing machine and had its roots in Europe, catering mostly to European market. Three generation later, Mark Rosenzweig, the family heir, set his sight abroad and started his venture in Canada. Today, while still not deviating too much away from the housecare business, Mark has turned the family business into million dollars business empire. He established a strong name in the household business that addresses mainly the venus market. One of the most successful line of product from the multi-million dollar family-run business is the line-up of Shark vacuum cleaner.

One of the brand that Mark has built over the years is the Shark® brand of vacuum cleaners. As we all know it, no one makes a perfect product and the best-selling product is often well, not the perfect product. Borrowing from Apple's late Steve Jobs' words, consumers need devices that simply works. This means that for a product to have a mass appeal, it has to be darn simple to use. This is far more true particularly in the vacuum cleaner segment where users are mostly busy moms or working women who have little time to read all the manuals and instructions. This is what you can expect from any Shark vacuum cleaner.

Secrets behind Popularity of Shark Vaccum Cleaner

If there is a single reason as to why Shark vacuum cleaner is so popular, it has to be the marketing done right. Personally, I've been using their vacuum cleaner for years now and I have little to complain about. Nonetheless, being an electronic product in nature, there is no such thing as 100% guarantee that every time you buy, you would end up with a perfectly working vacuum cleaner. I know my Bible-study mate who bought home her Shark Steam Mop S3601 only to find it to be non-working and has to be replaced.

But generally, they have done most of the market research right. They have different vacuum models that are catered to different users. Whether you are a stay-home mom with kids running around in the house all day long or you are a working mom who vacuums your home twice a week or you have a lovely dog in the house with furs flying around in the house. Whatever your need is, you can find a Shark vacuum cleaner model that is designed for your needs.


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